Electronic invoicing and invoice automation promise to unlock major benefits for almost everyone. Corporates, SME’s, banks, public administrations, service providers and even consumers can profit from electronic invoicing. The most striking benefit would be the multi-billion cost savings across Europe. Supplemented with a large amount of non-financial benefits, and invoice automation can be a major enabler in contributing to competitiveness.

Common practice across Europe nevertheless shows that the penetration and of electronic invoicing and invoice automation in Member States is relatively low. When it comes to , it is even lower.

Major barriers
Three interlocking issues have been mentioned as major barriers to a successful penetration and across Europe. Firstly, the fragmented implementation of the into the legislation of the several Member States. Secondly, the lack of confidence in and knowledge of operational issues surrounding . And thirdly, the fragmented standardisation of e-invoices in Member States, Europe and even globally. This turns in and between Member States into a fragmented, complex and costly instrument.

Nevertheless several initiatives in Europe on and invoice automation, it stands out that there is not a platform with a focus on sharing information, promoting ’ interests, building social networks and obtaining knowledge. 


The has that focus. With that focus, the has the ambition to support the acceleration, penetration and of


This mission is carried out by deploying several instruments: an interactive magazine like website, a forum, web meetings, brochures, social network groups and newsletters. 

building social networks
- sharing information
- promoting member’s interests
transferring and obtaining knowledge
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