The has developed an activity that suits the objectives and mission by applying corresponding instruments. This activity is based on a S.M.A.R.T. approach.

Below you can read the entire Activity Plan 2009

The activities can be divided into four segments based on their nature (knowledge or business) and effects (internal and external). These segments can then be used to comprise the following matrix:


knowledge cluster

business cluster








Each member can decide for itself (1) if and (2) in which segment(s) he or she would like to engage.
The facilitates every member to the maximum extent, based on the input from that member.
This means that every member can ‘create’ and ‘direct’ its very own tangible and indirect opportunities,

pulling the strings on the . For example:
-       receive updates and learn from recent developments on ;
-       getting into contact with potential and customers; 
-       connect and meet with other parties in one or more of the 24 Member States; 
-       broadcast promotional and commercial
-       discuss new or local developments with each other; 
-       promoting interests towards other initiatives.

To achieve the ambition and objectives and to meet the ’ interests, the facilitates several instruments:

-       magazine-like

-       online forum

-       digital newsletter

-       digital brochures and posters

-        LinkedIN group

-       Web meetings (starting January 2009)


All of these instruments are already available. They are packed with functionalities and possibilities to generate as much opportunities as possible for our and .