b-process and Accenture announce strategic partnership

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French Billing Service Provider b-process announced a strategic agreement with Accenture Supply Chain Services (ASCS) to standardise ASCS’ electronic invoicing services across the globe. It covers a deal to standardise e-invoicing processes on b-process’ billManager™ platform across 20 countries worldwide.

b-process’ electronic invoicing platform, billManager™, was selected following the completion of a rigorous tender process by ASCS, designed to select a platform and support capable of providing tax-compliant e-invoicing services across the globe which is also tailored to meet country specific legal requirement.

Currently supporting over 1,000 clients in Europe including American Express, the leading global payments, travel company, Eurocopter, leader in civil or military helicopters transport, Aoste Group, France’s leading meat wholesaler, and Crown, leading supplier of packaging products, b-process is Europe’s largest e-invoicing provider.

b-process’ billManager™ is an ASP platform for electronic invoicing and payments offering tax compliant e-invoicing designed for companies managing a large number of invoices in emission and/or reception mode. The solution offers companies an integrated e-invoicing service covering legal and fiscal compliance, data traceability, invoicing and trade process optimisation, payment and electronic finance.

billManager™ quickly and effectively handles invoices from emission to payment, thus reducing costs traditionally associated with the handling of invoices (generation, delivery, routing, reception, follow-up, accounting treatment, follow up, query handling, archiving,…) by up to 60%. billManager™ modules can also integrate complementary functionalities such as invoice reconciliation, dispute handling, legal archiving and online payments.

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Promoting eServices in rural areas in Spain

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The Spanish Minister for Industry, Tourism and Trade and the Minister for Public Administrations have launched a new training programme aimed at promoting the use of eGovernment services by the citizens of rural areas, so as to break the digital divide.

The initiative is intended to bring the citizens of rural areas closer to all three levels of Government in Spain by enabling them to benefit from the approximately 900 central, regional and local public services available on the eGovernment portal ‘060.es’.

Named ‘Telecentres training and revitalization plan’, the €2 million project relies on the network of Red.es Telecentres; those free Internet access points located across Spain’s rural areas. Over 500 Telecentres trainers will, within 1 500 Telecentres, instruct the population on how to perform operations via the eGovernment portal and to obtain information by electronic means.

In this light, printed and audiovisual information material have been designed in a clear language, with practical examples of the citizens’ daily life aspects, so as to demonstrate the advantages of the portal. In addition, distinct multimedia information packs are being conceived following the specific profiles (youngsters, women, seniors, immigrants, etc) structuring the portal. This material will include information on each target group’s most used services, as well as on the use of the national eID card.

Miguel Sebastián, Minister for Industry, Tourism and Trade stressed that following the successful deployment of Telecentres, his department will concentrate its efforts on the “valorisation of the infrastructure” by adding “services associated to the Telecentres”. He informed that the launch of the ‘Telecentres training and revitalisation plan’ is the first measure in this direction, and that it is based on the Training axis of the Avanza2 programme.

The plan has already started being implemented in 304 Telecentres in the regions of Andalusia and Asturias, with 150 dedicated trainers involved. Later on, the plan will focus on the regions of Castile and León, the Canary Islands and Murcia, and then on Galicia, the Valencian Community, Castile-La Mancha and Extremadura.

Source: Epractice.eu

Research: the intermediairies' value creation for e-invoicing users

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The operators that act as intermediaries in the field of electronic invoicing (banks and Billing Service Providers) differ in the way they create value for their customers. According to the research conducted at the Helsinki School of Economics and Politecnico di Milano, banks focus on providing the market with an inexpensive way to transfer invoice data. On the other hand, the IT operators focus on creating complementary products and services to the e-invoice. In addition to lowering transaction costs and innovating complementary products, the study examined the novelty and lock-in component of the value creation model.

The study’s findings are reported in this pdf file.


DHL aims to cut paper invoices by a third with Accountis

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DHL, the global leader in the international express and logistics industry, today announced it plans to eliminate over one third of the 18 million paper invoices it sends out across Europe annually by 2010, thus saving approximately 2400 trees(1) and 600 tonnes(2) of C02 each year. DHL customers using the e-Billing service no longer need to receive their invoices on paper. They simply login to an online portal to view and approve them electronically.

Accountis Ltd, a division of Fundtech (NASDAQ: FNDT) and leading global provider of secure financial document exchange and payment systems, has been working with DHL for two years developing their e-Billing capabilities, and will support their expansion into most major European territories by the end of this year.

The environmental benefits of e-Billing were high on the agenda when DHL launched the service for customers in Belgium in 2007. Brian Thumwood, DHL’s e-Billing manger for Europe said “The success of our e-Billing project has already delivered significant environmental savings but this is a drop in the ocean compared to what we intend to achieve in the near future. We are currently experiencing a 30% increase in the number of e-invoices sent through the system each month, proving that organisations across Europe are ready and able to embrace this greener technology.”

Brian Thumwood continues, “Protecting the environment is very important to DHL and e-Billing plays an significant role in our organisation’s social responsibility and sustainability plan. The marketing strap line for this project is “e-Billing - loved by trees” since we know that this issue really matters to our customers too. Valuable resources including paper, ink, electricity and fuel are all consumed unnecessarily in the paper invoicing process every day. We want to play our part in reducing this waste and the detrimental impact it is having on our planet.”

DHL aims to improve the carbon efficiency of its own as well as its subcontracted services by 30% by 2020 and in addition is constantly expanding its climate-friendly services for customers.

Greener processes
Peter Radcliffe, Executive Chairman, Accountis, said: “Accountis enables organisations like DHL to achieve their green objectives by imply implementing a more sustainable technology. The paper invoicing process consumes vast quantities of energy and produces huge volumes of waste which is unacceptable in this day and age, especially when an alternative is readily available. Paper delivery notes, purchase orders, statements, remittances and other related documents can all be taken online using our system. We are delighted that more and more companies across Europe are switching to a greener, faster and more efficient invoicing process.”

1) Calculated using figures from ‘EBA: E-Invoicing 2008′
2) Calculated using latest industry estimates of approximately 1 invoice = 100g C02 footprint

Source: www.accountis.com

Commission launches survey to assess up-take and experience of Public eProcurement

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Electronic Public Procurement: the European Commission has launched an online survey to assess up-take and experience of practitioners. The survey will remain open until 18 December 2008.

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market and Services has commissioned Ernst & Young to conduct an evaluation of the effective up-take of electronic public procurement (“eProcurement”) across the EU.

In particular, the evaluation will assess how well the objectives of the “Action plan for the implementation of the legal framework for electronic public procurement” (the so-called Action Plan for eProcurement), adopted by the European Commission in December 2004, have been achieved.

In this context, an online survey, available in English, French and German has been launched on 23 October 2008. It is aimed at four different categories of specific users:

1.  Suppliers who may have conducted business with public purchasers in a traditional and/ or an eProcurement procedure.

2.  Contracting authorities/entities which may have awarded works, supplies or services contracts via traditional and/or eProcurement procedures.

3.  Central Purchasing Bodies, i.e. specialised procurement entities which centralise or co-ordinate the purchase of works, supplies or services for one or more contracting authorities/entities at national, regional, local or vertical levels. As such, they may have awarded works, supplies or services contracts via traditional and/or eProcurement procedures.

4. Member State institutions responsible for public procurement policy, or related technical or legal aspects.

eProcurement is a complex and technical issue. In order to obtain the necessary information, essential for a comprehensive evaluation of the various issues, the questions asked cover a fairly wide range of topics. To facilitate responses, structured answers have been provided wherever possible (i.e. tick boxes) and free text answers have been kept to a minimum. However, respondents are also invited to provide any additional comments at the end of the questionnaire. Such free text contributions would be particularly valuable and can be made in any EU language. Equally, where an exact response to a question would involve extensive research, it is better to provide a best estimate rather than no answer at all.

The results of this survey will be collected in a report, which will be made available during the second half of 2009. All respondents to the questionnaire will receive a summary of the results.

Those interested in participating in this survey are invited to send an email to [email protected] and they will receive a logon identity and password. For technical reasons, it is not possible to provide a direct link to the survey without loosing some of the more “user friendly” aspects of the application (most importantly the ability to save as the respondent moves from page to page, allowing a questionnaire to be completed at one’s convenience, or by several users, rather than in one sitting).

Source: epractice.eu

D Soft joins EEI Platform as Founding Partner

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Belgian Billing Service Provider D Soft has decided to become a Founding Partner of EEI Platform. Read More

RetailPay next party to join EEI Platform

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Dutch Payment specialist RetailPay is the next Founding Partner of the European platform for Electronic Invoicing and invoice automation. Read More

Kofax unveils new e-Invoice processing solution

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Kofax e-Transactions Enables the Best of Both Worlds to Manage Paper and Electronic Invoices

Kofax plc (LSE: KFX), the leading provider of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions, today announced the launch of Kofax e-Transactions, which adds electronic invoice processing capabilities to Kofax solutions and thereby enables organizations to process all incoming invoices – whether they arrive in electronic or paper form. Easy-to-use and deploy, e-Transactions integrates seamlessly with Kofax Capture and Transformation Modules to offer the world’s most advanced solutions to automate invoice processing in accounts payable departments.

Providing a simple and efficient way to reduce time-consuming and costly manual paper-processing, Kofax e-Transactions captures and encrypts print files or imported data in standard text, image and extensible markup language (XML) file formats. The resulting electronic information is then collected and delivered to Kofax Transformation Modules for classification, data extraction and data perfection.

The software eliminates the need to print, mail, receive and process paper-based invoices and other documents, thereby significantly reducing otherwise manual labor processes and costs, improving the accuracy of the related data and accelerating processing times. This enables better accounts payable management to ensure that all application terms, conditions and discounts are fully utilized.

“The global market for electronic invoicing continues to expand as organizations seek to improve efficiency and lower costs, and Kofax continues to lead the way with the most comprehensive capture solutions to meet this demand,” said Andrew Pery, Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax. “Kofax e-Transactions delivers practical solutions that meet the needs of our customers to support the processing of both paper and electronic invoices. This is done within the same powerful document capture environment that delivers process-ready data to a wide range of back-end accounts payable workflow systems.”

Kofax e-Transactions is already being successfully deployed at several early adopters. One example is Oakwood Worldwide, a leading global corporate housing and serviced apartment provider, which has integrated the new technology as part of its existing Kofax invoice processing solution.

“Kofax e-Transactions takes our existing Kofax solution and makes it even better,” said Brad Niemiec, Director, Centralized Accounts Payable for Oakwood Worldwide. Since 2007, the company has employed Kofax Capture and Transformation Modules to automate the processing of thousands paper based invoices each month.

“This solution allows us to integrate strategic suppliers directly into our accounts payable process, which helps us realize additional savings from lower transaction costs, reduced exception handling due to lost invoices and data entry errors, and other benefits,” Niemiec added.

Kofax e-Transactions utilizes software technology obtained earlier this month as a result of Kofax’s acquisition of OptiInvoice, a Scandinavian company that develops and markets electronic invoice processing software.

For more information about Kofax, visit www.kofax.com

TIE to acquire MamboFive

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TIE Holding N.V. (“TIE”) hereby announces that it has entered into a tentative agreement to acquire MamboFive B.V., an e-Business software company based in The Netherlands. The transaction completes TIE’s portfolio of the TIE Kinetix e-Business products and solutions and creates further business development opportunities for up-selling TIE Kinetix to the expanded customer base.

This acquisition fits well into TIE’s strategy of acquiring businesses that strengthen TIE’s bottom line, whilst providing expansion of the product and service potential. The acquisition is expected to contribute to TIE’s revenue and profitability.

Following the completion of the financial, technical en legal due diligence, and the agreement for the purchase of 51% of the shares, TIE shall pay a purchase price amounting to EUR 200,000. The purchase price for the first 51% of the shares also contains a short term 5% annual interest bearing loan amounting to EUR 300,000. On March 1, 2009, TIE requires to pay the loan and interest to the shareholders of MamboFive.

Regarding an additional 24,5% of the shares, TIE receives an option to buy them per April 1, 2009 for a purchase price of EUR 450,000. In order to acquire the final 24,5% of the shares, TIE receives an option to buy them for a purchase price of EUR 450,000. In case TIE determines to exercise the options, TIE will issue convertible bonds amounting to the purchase price. Each convertible bond has a notional term of five years and a lock-up amounting to 1 year. The convertible bonds are non-interest bearing and the conversion rate of each bond will be based upon the average closing rate of the last 4 days prior to the closing date or exercise date as well as the closing date or exercise date, always with a minimum of EUR 0.10.

The total purchase price for the acquisition of all shares of MamboFive therefore amounts to EUR 1.4m. The company has decided to split the transaction in order to anticipate on the current circumstances in the financial markets, and therefore provides itself with multiple decision moments to evaluate the financial market status at that moment. TIE expects to finalize the agreement after the publication of the annual results, which is planned on November 26, 2008.

With the addition of MamboFive, TIE will be able to deliver its customers a complete state-of-the-art TIE Kinetix e-Business solution, including a web shop. Our customers can now connect and integrate with their trading partners in the supply chain in every possible way, whether it’s the support of online orientation for their customers, online selling or online fullfillment. Therefore they can keep their business virtual as long as possible and save valuable time and money and even grow their revenue.

TIE will also be able to deliver its Business-to-Business integration know-how and solutions to the customers of MamboFive, who are predominantly in the telecom industry. Customers of MamboFive are KPN, HI, Debitel, AH Mobiel, Vodafone and e-tailers such as Elders Websales and Slimshops.

“Combining with TIE provides a significant opportunity to further accelerate our combined business”, said Frank van Doorn, Director of MamboFive. “We have been looking for possibilities to provide our clients additional services and complete solutions. We are very pleased to be able to integrate our MamboFive solutions in the TIE Kinetix platform. This will enable us to realize substantial growth in new markets and to extend the business with our existing clients”.

“Web shops and e-business solutions are the final step in our vision of offering a full range of e-business solutions to our customers”, says Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE. “MamboFive delivers a full multi-channel concept, including shop-in-shop. With the acquisition of MamboFive we have a very powerful solution for our clients in doing their business online via a web shop.”

About MamboFive
MamboFive delivers and implements e-business solutions based on her standard MamboFive Commerce Suite (MCS), which is suitable for B2B and B2C solutions.
MCS is a fully ‘Web Enabled ERP’ for the internet entrepreneur. New technologies such as e-procurement, web shops, catalogue management and web services can be implemented upon the existing investments in financial and logistic systems.

The company was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Utrecht, in the center of the Netherlands. It developed the MamboFive Commerce Suite especially for midsize and large enterprises who can implement the software package quickly without high investments. MamboFive’s main focus is the high end corporate retail segment. The client reference list comprises strong corporate brands as KPN, HI, Debitel, Vodafone, Fujitsu-Siemens, SimYo Belgium, Simac ICT and Elders Websales (GSM.nl).
MamboFive also has a strong position in the mid segment with runner up companies and niche players who require state-of-art solutions for their e-businesses.

Profile TIE
Master Data Management Software Company TIE (NYSE Euronext: TIE Holding) bridges the gap between online and traditional business. TIE helps industry and supply chain partners to achieve electronic business collaboration with solutions in the traditional and upcoming markets like Data Quality Management, e-Invoicing, Master Data Management and Digital Channel Communications. Our solutions are proven to lower costs, increase revenue and optimize business processes. Because we have decades of experience to share, TIE remains a key contributor to the development and implementation of global eCommerce standards. TIE is a publicly held company with offices in the United States, France, and the Netherlands.

AdValvas Europe Founding Partner of EEI Platform

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The Belgian software designers are the first party to join the European Electronic Invoicing Platform. Read More