Expert Group on e-Invoicing: “There is no future for paper invoices!”

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The Expert Group on Electronic Invoicing, set up by a European Commission Decision with the task to contribute to the creation of a European eInvoicing Framework, has published its first status report.

The Expert Group on e-Invoicing started its work at the end of February 2008. The Expert Group consists of 30 specialists representing all stakeholders: consumers, SMEs, large enterprises, service providers and public authorities.

The tasks of the Expert Group are to identify business requirements and responsibilities for the execution of specific work, as well as to steer the creation - by the end of 2009 - of a European e-Invoicing Framework.

The purpose of the European e-Invoicing Framework is to establish a common conceptual structure to support the provision of e-Invoicing services in an open and interoperable manner across Europe.

The Expert Group has issued a short status report which provides stakeholders with information about the progress of the Group’s work since its formation. Until now, the Group has held several meetings and established a series of initiatives to address a key opportunity for enhancing efficiency and productivity in the digital environment. A mid-term report will be issued before the end of 2008.

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BancTec announces global TCM solution

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CenterVisionResource management platform improves efficiency and lowers document processing costs

BancTec, a global provider of advanced, high-volume document and payment processing services and solutions, today introduced its next generation global platform for managing multiple streams of in-bound information; CenterVision. Delivered as either an in-house implementation or as an outsourced service, CenterVision will help organizations reduce the cost of capturing, delivering and managing all inbound communications including paper, fax, e-mail and web content.

“CenterVision is a global TCM platform that will transform the way large organisations capture and process their in-bound paper and electronic documents,” said Mark Fairchild, senior vice president and chief technology officer, BancTec. “With its unique capture interface, management dashboard, and automated processing and distribution capabilities, CenterVision significantly enhances management visibility and operational control, leading to improved efficiency, lower costs and better customer service. Whether from a central processing facility or multiple distributed locations, CenterVision will help organisations speed up the delivery of business-critical information, streamline existing document processes, and more easily adapt to changing business requirements.”

By converging departmental processing applications and complex mailroom centers onto a common platform, the CenterVision solution provides total management visibility and operational control. Mixed documents can be captured throughout an organisation, while document pre-sorting, preparation, data entry and validation activities are minimized. The solution automatically classifies each document according to its format or content, and then delivers it to the most appropriate workflow for the next processing activity. All document types can be captured, including items such as correspondence, invoices, leases, application forms, order forms, direct debits, standing orders, remittances and other forms of payments.

One of the most compelling capabilities of CenterVision is the way it enables managers to compile information on not only the number of documents they are processing, but also on how efficiently their operation is running. The management dashboard allows organisations to quickly identify operational issues and to acquire information helpful in improving the efficiency of the workflow. By turning raw data into key performance indicators, the dashboard helps managers measure real productivity rates, prioritize work to meet SLAs and provide additional transparency to the business.

CenterVision creates a true shared-service environment, encompassing multi-site reconciliation and load balancing techniques to help reduce “per item” processing costs. It also helps protect previous technology investments by “wrapping around” existing document applications that may already be handling forms, invoices and payment processes. Additionally, the solution improves accountability and compliance by providing an auditable trail from receipt to storage for every in-bound document.

The unique business process management capabilities of CenterVision, along with the ability to implement it in-house or as an outsourced service, differentiate CenterVision from other offerings in the market. Organisations that need a global processing platform to manage all document streams across their business have the best opportunity to realize the potential cost savings and service benefits offered by CenterVision.
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Basware to deliver an e-invoicing solution to NCC-Group globally

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Basware has entered into an agreement with NCC for the delivery of Basware Business Transactions solution for transmitting electronic invoices. The solution consists of services for sending and receiving e-invoices as well as of a printing service.

The electronic invoicing solution will be implemented globally at the NCC-Group. Implementation starts at NCC Roads in Finland followed by other NCC units in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Other units will follow during the next two years. The Business Transactions solution is estimated to deliver over 100 000 invoices during the first year. The number of invoices is estimated to increase to up to a million annually.

“NCC is already a Basware customer in Sweden and we are pleased that NCC now extends the product portfolio with our e-invoicing solution to the Nordic countries and further on globally,” says Petri Karjalainen, Director, Basware Corporation.

Bottomline adds Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 functionality to document processing tool

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Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY), a leading provider of collaborative payment, invoice and document automation solutions, today at Microsoft’s 2008 Worldwide Partner Conference announced expanded functionality for automating business-critical transactional processes within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.This new release allows the growing number of organizations standardized on Microsoft Dynamics AX to achieve the business benefits of more streamlined, electronic processes involving transactional documents such as invoices, payments and purchase orders.

Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Bottomline’s document process automation solution allows organizations to quickly extend the capabilities of their Microsoft application without custom programming. Through this functionality, organizations can build upon the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to further increase user productivity, reduce costs associated with managing complex global financial and supply chain processes, and respond to the changing demands of the regulatory environment.

“The ability to manage the generation and delivery of transactional documents electronically has become a strategic factor in helping organizations compete more effectively in a global marketplace,” said Gareth Priest, Vice President of Global Product Management, Bottomline Technologies. “Since first introducing support for the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform in 2006, our solution has provided this growing community with the transactional document automation capabilities they need to maximize their investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX as a core financial and business system.”

In deploying the new capabilities announced today, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 users can:

  • Improve the security of electronic transactional documents and payments through configurable preferences based on role and delivery destination;
  • Share configuration options across multiple company accounts, and enable unattended batch processing based on recipient-specific delivery preferences during non-peak times to reduce operational complexity and IT overhead;
  • Increase user productivity with a fully integrated and intuitive interface that mirrors the MicrrMicrosoft Dynamics AX 2009 user experience;
  • Support global implementations through user interface localization in common international languages;
  • Enhance communication and reporting through the ability to group related, but independent documents, into a single PDF file for preview and delivery; and
  • Utilize Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal to access and view Bottomline-generated reports on-demand without a Windows AX client.

“We believe that with the combination of our domain expertise and new capabilities specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, customers will gain the security, reliability and control they require to make efficient transactional document processes part of their long-term, global business strategy,” said Priest.

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SABIC Europe chooses electronic signatures for European Market

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The legally compliant AuthentiDate signature solution replaces paper processes.

SABIC Europe, the international chemical group is immediately beginning to use electronic signatures for the electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes within Europe. Software by AuthentiDate, the signature specialist, will be used to create the legally required signatures.

More than 10 European countries including France, Great Britain and Spain are already linked to the new electronic procedure. The signed invoices and credit notes can be used for sales tax deduction without additional paper documents.

The AuthentiDate signature solution compliments SABIC’s new invoicing portal. Signed invoices and credit notes can therefore be transmitted by e-mail or provided as downloads.

SABIC Europe chose to use software by the signature specialist, AuthentiDate, because this provides an internationally widely accepted and practical solution, which can be integrated flexibly into existing processes. In addition the deciding factor was the high investment security and proven compliance with legal regulations provided by the AuthentiDate signature software.

By using the signature solution SABIC Europe is not only optimising its own processes but at the same time is offering its customers an improved opportunity for invoice verification and processing.

Besides the area of signature creation AuthentiDate also offers SABIC Europe’s invoice recipients an international, multilingual web service for signature verification.  This service is available round the clock at The recipients of the signed invoices and credit notes therefore require no additional software in order to verify signatures. This allows the simple, rapid and international expansion of signed invoice and credit note transmission. 

In the next step suppliers are also to be linked to the electronic exchange of signed invoices. Jan C. Wendenburg, Chief Executive Officer of AuthentiDate International AG adds: “we are particularly pleased that SABIC Europe, as a globally active company, has also chosen the AuthentiDate eBilling signature solution. This underlines the international orientation of our products and provides further evidence of their efficiency and compliance in almost all areas of use”. More information about SABIC Europe is to be found in its homepage at

About Authentidate International AG and AuthentiDate Deutschland GmbH
AuthentiDate is the inventor of the qualified mass signature and one of the leading international providers of software and services for optimizing business processes based on electronic signatures and time stamps. AuthentiDate products and services comply with the strict requirements of the German Digital Signature Act and EU Signature Directive.

AuthentiDate signature technology is the world’s only technology of its kind. The legally compliant SOA and SAAS architecture, which can be used on any platform, is the first to enable client-server signature processes and cover all current and future cards and standards, such as BSI eCard API, eHealth/eGK formats and processes, ERS and long-term archiving. Many software, archive and DMS providers have integrated AuthentiDate signature products as standard.

Since 2001, AuthentiDate has been an accredited provider confirmed according to the Digital Signature Act for qualified electronic time stamps, which are required for re-signing signatures.

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e-Invoicing in Europe

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Bo Harald, chairman, EC Expert Group on e-Invoicing, spoke to Finextra at EBAday in Helsinki about the progress being made by industry bodies to lay the groundwork for wider adoption of e-invoicing in the European single market. In this video he outlines some of the benefits for corporates, SMEs and banks in increasing financial supply chain efficiency, and describes the steps being taken to achieve standard processes and a common legal foundation for e-invoices in Europe.


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