Descartes-InterCommIT has been offering solutions and services for electronic Communications in the B2B sector for more than 10 years. The Descartes-InterCommIT Managed e-Invoicing is an online service, a cloud service, for receiving and sending invoices. The centralized solution provides acces to all your customers and other relations. All different types of billing are managed together in the e-Invoicing solution; a web portal, email, PDF, EDI or even by post (switch electronic to post).


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October 2012

  1. C1000 upgrades P2P process with Descartes’ Validation Service

    Together with Jumbo C1000 forms the largest business retailer in the Netherlands. It isn’t surprising then that C1000 needed to enhance its purchase-to-pay. And there was no better candidate for this job than Descartes, because they have closely cooperated with C1000 for many years. C1000 is now using Descartes’ new Validation Service.

November 2011

  1. Meet Descartes and InterCommIT

    At the “Power of the Platform – Europe” event you will be able to experience how Descartes and InterCommIT join their forces and move forward

  2. And yet another acquisition: Descartes buys InterCommIT [update]

    This forth acquisition in only a short time focusses on buying a network of customers a sophisticated network and a few extra functionalities

June 2010

  1. InterCommIT Managed e-Invoicing: ‘the One Stop e-Invoicing Service’

    InterCommIT offers a secured network, a web portal, e-mail and even distribution using traditional mail

November 2008

  1. InterCommIT committed to EEI Platform as Founding Partner

    European e-Invoicing Platform welcomes Integration Service Provider from Amersfoort (NL)