InterCommIT committed to EEI Platform as Founding Partner

November 9, 2008  |  Uncategorized

European e-Invoicing Platform welcomes Integration Service Provider from Amersfoort (NL) It is expected that the EEI Platform will welcome more European organisations on a short term. These parties will form the basis of the knowledge and information platform about electronic billing and automated invoicing.

About the EEI Platform
The EEI Platform’s main objective is to support the penetration of electronic invoicing and automated invoicing in Europe in order to enable anyone to benefit from the great advantages that it offers. The EEI Platform focuses on the activation of individual companies, trade associations and the public sector to apply electronic billing and payment. In addition, participants will achieve results on publicity, penetration of electronic invoicing, standardization, accreditation and promotion of the participants. EEI Platform is a variant of the Dutch Electronic Invoicing Platform (ELFA), a grouping of organisations in the Netherlands that play an important role in the implementation process. as well as substantive information, news, background and developments in the fields of electronic invoicing.

About InterCommIT
The growing technical complexity of B2B integration and cost efficiency aspects make companies decide to use Integration Service Providers more often. InterCommIT is an Integration Service Provider that takes care of connecting business partners. InterCommIT’s portfolio is quickly expanding in varied branches such as the financial and insurance markets, the food industry, the Do-It-Yourself branch and automotive. By combining software, hardware, network technology and technical know-how, InterCommIT is a leading party when it comes to electronic data exchange.

More information:

Uraniumweg 44
3812 RK Amersfoort
Postbus 1736
3800 BS Amersfoort (NL)

T  +31 (0)33 - 460 62 00
F  +31 (0)33 - 460 62 15
[email protected]

Participation in the EEI Platform

Participation in EEI Platform is not only for providers of electronic invoicing and automated invoicing. Participation is also open to users, public institutions, educational institutions and industry associations. Moreover, organizations whose activities border to electronic billing services -such as credit organizations and financial institutions- are also invited to join.

Visit for more information. Here you can check the latest European news, the EEI Platform business case and the subscription form.

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