High risk of breakdowns in document-driven business processes

September 11, 2012  |  Publications, Research

warning High risk of breakdowns in document driven business processesAll every executive wants is to run a healthy business. And running a healthy business means keeping an eye on all the different processes that are going on. IDC gives out a warning  for bosses who don’t think document-driven processes belong in the category of high probability/high impact. Their recent Ricoh sponsored white paper shows that there is a high risk of breakdowns in these processes causing severely negative business outcomes. Our advice? Stop neglecting your document processes!

Serious business risks and/or compliance issues

IDC globally questioned 1.516 document-driven business process owners and information workers. The results give food for thought:

  • 75.9% of respondents experienced serious business risk and/or compliance issues as a direct result of ineffective document processes over the past five years.
  • These failures had severe consequences for respondents: 36.2% failed to meet compliance requirements, 30.2% lost key employees, 24.9% lost major customers, 24.8% had a major IT breach, 20.4% were pulled into a major audit, and 19.1% suffered a major PR crisis — all due to document process deficiencies.
  • Depending upon the type of process, between 35.9% and 45.3% of respondents reported that document-driven processes they had personal knowledge of were not efficient or effective.

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