FYI: 10 pieces of US e-billing news

Wow, at lot is happening in the United States of e-billing. Although we here at the EEI Platform can hardly keep up, we hereby present you a list of 10 important e-invoicing developments in North America. The subjects range from the introduction of a new e-billing service for law firms to PayPal’s first steps in Japan to the arrest of a woman who committed credit card fraud. Just take it all in and use it to your advantage.

32-year-old woman arrested and charged with $19,000 worth of fraudulent credit card transactions

Police arrested the woman on May 14 and believe she not only used existing credit cards for fraudulent purchases, but also falsified documents in order to obtain new credit cards. In addition, she is charged with compromising online information. A person looking to commit credit card fraud simple online changes to electronic billing email addresses or contact phone numbers that would delay a person discovering the fraudulent charges.

Federal Aviation Administration switches to e-invoicing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is implementing a new online grants payments system called Delphi eInvoicing powered by Oracle’s iSupplier platform. The application will be deployed across all Operating Administrations (OAs), including FAA, over the course of Summer/Fall 2012. The go-live date for Technical Center users is scheduled for June 20 – July 3.

Women’s health company Hologic uses Billtrust’s CompleteBilling platform

Billtrust, the premier provider of outsourced billing services, today announced that Hologic, a leading global provider of solutions directed at improving women’s health, has chosen Billtrust to manage the processing and delivery of its invoices and statements across North America. Prior to Billtrust, Hologic was managing the billing process in-house. The decision to outsource was driven by the need for more advanced online presentment and payment technology.

PayPal sets foot ashore in Japan for the first time with Softbank

Internet auction giant eBay and mobile phone operator Softbank said Wednesday they were teaming up to bring the US firm’s PayPal online billing system to Japan. The PayPal Here offering will let retailers accept payments by credit or debit card via a thumb-sized device on retailers’ smartphones. The companies will invest about 2.0 billion yen to set up the joint venture, PayPal Japan, with each providing half.

Virgin Media launches mobile e-billing service from ebpSource

E-billing and payment specialist, ebpSource, announced that one of its newest clients, UK-based Virgin Media, is already reaping the benefits of its new mobile e-billing service. The new ‘in-house’ solution was chosen by Virgin Media to improve customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency. Paul Mitchell, Director of Billing & Collection Services at Virgin Media said: “We’re able to deliver transparent and meaningful bill information to customers.”

Nestlé implements Transactis’ e-billing solution in its Water division

Transactis’ BillerIQ solution was already in place at Nestlé USA and the company decided to expand its relationship with Transactis to the Water division. Customers that previously could not support an electronic data interchange (EDI) process now have a means of viewing invoices online and making electronic payments (e-payments).

Invoice service for law firms InvoicePrep launched

InvoicePrep, which provides invoice preparation services for law firms, today announced the formal launch of its company. The company’s mission is to help law firms eliminate the frustrations of preparing invoices that are fully compliant with their clients’ increasingly complex e-billing platforms and litigation guidelines.

Charles Schwab announces release of Schwab Bank Bill Pay

Continuing its rollout of convenient on-the-go banking solutions for investors, Schwab today announced the release of Schwab Bank Bill Pay for iPad, iPhone and Android. The new Bill Pay feature allows Schwab Bank clients to make, edit, monitor and cancel payments from their mobile and iPad devices. The remote bill pay option also enables Schwab Bank clients to add and edit new payees and billers through the Schwab mobile apps.

CashFlows on the market with new e-invoicing tool

CashFlows, part of the innovative Voice Commerce financial services group, today announces the launch of their unique new e-invoicing tool which is the only e-invoicing service that can be linked to a business’ merchant bank account. Businesses using e-invoicing can improve their business cash flow by up to 70 per cent.

Linklaters chooses OmPrompt to automate e-billing

The decision to automate over 40,000 electronic bills a year was taken at the end of January 2012, and the on-boarding of Linklaters’ clients began immediately. Linklaters chose OmPrompt’s award-winning automation technology because it met their need for a scalable, adaptable and cost-effective managed service. The initial project encompasses e-billing for blue-chip corporations in electronics, finance, investment banking, technology and IT.

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