Global e-invoicing compliance: AcceptEmail and TrustWeaver team up

May 9, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal

AcceptEmail 225x225 Global e invoicing compliance: AcceptEmail and TrustWeaver team up

Today AcceptEmail announced a partnership with TrustWeaver, a Swedish company specialised in compliance. The collaboration makes it possible for AcceptEmail’s customers to ensure legal and fiscal compliance of their electronic invoices in more than 40 countries.

E-invoicing compliance according to AcceptEmail and Trustweaver

AcceptEmail and TrustWeaver are content with the partnership and stress its importance:

  • TrustWeaver CEO Christiaan van der Valk:

    “We are pleased to welcome AcceptEmail to our partner network which already comprises most of the world’s leading B2B integration, e-invoicing and procure-to-pay vendors.”

    “We believe that companies like AcceptEmail will be increasingly successful in helping billers extract significant value from cleverly combined billing and payment processes.”
  • Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of AcceptEmail:

    “Partnering with TrustWeaver enables us to add a thin, Cloud-based compliance layer that guarantees long-term legal certainty for suppliers and buyers without any footprint on their systems or processes.” 

    “Our customers expect fully integrated bill presentment and payment to work without having to worry about what’s under the hood. In this day and age they also demand hard assurances that we meet the highest standards of local compliance and evidence. Anytime and anywhere.”

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