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January 31, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Legal, Publications

AuthentiDate International AG is an established specialist for international electronic invoicing processes. It has issued an update of its comprehensive White Paper on the legal conditions regarding the exchange of electronic invoices in Europe and selected countries worldwide.

It is an easy to understand overview of the legal requirements for electronic invoicing and archiving for all the EU countries and selected countries outside EU.

What does this white paper has to offer you?

  1. The White Paper explains the current legal situation in an easy to understand, simple and clear manner and provides an overview of the respective national requirements for sending and receiving electronic invoices throughout all EU countries and selected countries worldwide.
  2. It includes detailed information about legal requirements in countries like Switzerland, Mexico, United States and others. These countries are relevant for most international companies for setting up electronic invoicing processing.Within selected countries thereof the use of electronic invoices is mandatory and has been stipulated by the governmental authority.
  3. In addition, the specific national requirements for electronic archiving are laid out for all countries.
  4. The AuthentiDate White Paper provides each reader, even those without special prior knowledge, with a simple guide for implementing electronic invoicing and archiving.

    This enables virtually anyone implementing quickly and pragmatically country-specific requirements when exchanging electronic invoices throughout the European Union and beyond. For example, special compliance requirements such as the use of a qualified time stamp for electronic invoices in Italy and Hungary are portrayed.

  5. The extent to which the individual European countries have already converted the new EU Council Directive 2010/45/EU regarding electronic invoicing into country-specific laws is also comprehensively explained. I.e. Germany most recently converted the directive into national law through a tax simplification act.

Two versions. Premium and free of charge

The White Paper, including an overview of the legal situation in the European Union and selected countries worldwide, is available freely in English language at no charge.

The free version includes an overview of the requirements of each EU country and selected countries worldwide and may be downloaded and

An extended, detailed - over hundred pages - version may be ordered anytime by submitting the order form, which is located in the free version.

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