Compulsory B2G electronic invoicing in Denmark as from 1-12-2011

December 28, 2011  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Government

Following several other countries like Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands, B2G e-invoicing is now compulsory.

Will this be “carrot” to kick-start e-invoicing. Or is it the ‘”whip” tot kick-start einvoicing in Denmark? Even more important: how many companies and public organisations will actually connect to the B2G service?

Why do we ask this question? Why so cynical? Well that is because we’ve learned that these instruments in a liberalised e-invoicing landscape mostly don’t provide the on-boarding statistics stakeholders wish for:

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  1. Great - only this have been an goverment law since 2005 and today it is compulsory to send your invoices in the new OIOUBL format, a shift from the older OIOXML version.

    Next step is fully digital catalogues and order to invoice with automatch.

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