FormPipe Software: the third in line of new E-invoicing Platform Members this month

FormPipe 225x225 FormPipe Software: the third in line of new E invoicing Platform Members this monthLooking back at it, we could have easily made one post where we introduced our three latest members: SupplierDNA, Itella and FormPipe Software. But we haven’t, simply because we want every new member to receive the exposure it deserves.

And just like what we wrote in posts where we introduced Itella and SupplierDNA, we are looking forward to be able to add value to their proposition. And we are thankful that they allow us to carry out our ambition: to promote the best practices and adoption in electronic invoicing and invoice automation and distribute them to end users.

About FormPipe Software

FormPipe Software is a software company in the field of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). ECM is the collective name of various technologies, products and systems that captures, processes, stores, archives and delivers information in a systematic and controlled manner.

Products that FormPipe Software deployes are: FormPipe W3D3, FormPipe Platina, FormPipe Long-Term Archive, FormPipe OnDemand and FormPipe LaserNet

FormPipe Software and Formpipe Lasernet

FormPipe Software is famous for its SME Electronic invoicing solution, FormPipe LaserNet (also distributed by Qadira). Let us take a look at FormPipe Software:

Lasernet features

  • Currently used by more than 2,000 companies worldwide.
  • Simplifies and streamlines the management of both outgoing and incoming business documents.
  • Delivers and distributes business documents in any format and layout desired.
  • Supports both EuroSox, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II accounting rules and various local laws, directives and standards UBL2.0, OIOUBL, OIOXML.
  • Can easily be integrated with existing ERP applications to facilitate the transition from labor-and paper-intensive processes to electronic document management.
  • Composed of a number of different modules allowing customers to deploy the features selected to suit the input and output needed

Lasernet advantages

  • Lower costs for billing and business document management
  • Improved cash flow as a result from time savings in the billing process
  • Future secured invoice management as FormPipe LaserNet meet demands and requirements of e-invoicing in any format - regardless of ERP system
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Requires no in-house print management
  • Supports all market business

Needs that are met by LaserNet

  • Cost savings for postage, printing and paper, and management by electronic business documents
  • Focus on customers need.
  • Saving the cost of consultants who develop and produce reports from business and finance systems.
  • Simple and easy document creation and layout management. Making design changes and design new reports is a simple operation with no programming skills required.
  • Good functionality for archiving that organize all business documents.

Lasernet customers

  • Panasonic
  • Ports of Stockholm
  • The Swedish Transport Agency
  • NetOnNet
  • Veolia Transport
  • Ernst & Young

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