FUNDtech webinar: Empower your Customers and Reduce DSO with E-Receivables

August 25, 2011  |  Electronic Invoicing, Events

FUNDtech 230x200 FUNDtech webinar: Empower your Customers and Reduce DSO with E ReceivablesE-billing has become more than just a method of getting rid of paper and sending invoices electronically.  Now, the entire Accounts Receivables (AR) process can be carried out and managed effectively online, being one central resource that brings together transaction data from disparate business units, in different countries and languages. This focus on AR functions and processes is being called E-receivables.

In this webinar on 7th September at 2pm GMT FUNDtech will give you:

    - A guided tour of some of the time-saving receivables functionality being used by Fundtech customers worldwide to save time and money, such as query management and integrated payments
    - An exclusive look at Fundtech’s Receivables Dashboard, which pulls together transaction and management information and presents it in one view. This provides both suppliers and buyers with clear visibility of their transaction activity/status.  At a glance, receivables activity can be viewed/monitored with details on transaction volume (by country, document type etc.), DSO, trading network conversion, number of trees saved, and much more.

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