Document: The EEI Platform Activity Plan 2009

Mrt 10th, 2009 | By EEI Platform | Category: Awareness, Electronic invoicing, Featured articles, Instruments, Members and partners, Publications

It’s there! The first draft of the Activity Plan. It provides an overview of the activities and instruments that the EEI Platforms has scheduled to realise in 2009. The activity plan is publicly available for any organisation. On the one hand parties that are interested in and involved in , , automation and on the other hand parties interested in the ambitions of the .

This draft version provides an overview of activities and instruments in 2009 within the Activity Framework, established at February 20, 2009. Only Founding and of the are privileged to propose amendments and revisions. Revisions and new developments in activities and instruments will lead to a modified version of the activity plan during 2009.
Read the entire Activity Plan below:

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