Clear launches Cloud-based invoicing network

Clear Invoices 230x200 Clear launches Cloud based invoicing networkCLEAR, a new, free to use, cloud-based invoicing and time tracking network, that eases the administrative challenges that UK small businesses and sole traders face, has been launched today.

The CLEAR network will enable small firms to focus more strongly on customer service and growth by more efficiently managing the entire money collection process, from raising invoices, to sending, tracking and receiving payment. The new platform will enable SMEs to secure their cash flow as well as streamline their operations and reduce costs.

Firms, sole traders and freelancers register for the CLEAR service in seconds and can send their first invoice in less than five minutes. Creating and sending a simple invoice can take less than ten seconds.  The network’s easy-to-use set up wizard guides users through registration which also covers VAT and non-VAT registered businesses. The system is ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers including photographers, developers and graphic designers who essentially don’t have an office.

The CLEAR network will cut red tape and the time businesses spend on administrative tasks such as invoicing, so they can focus on what they are best at – running and growing their businesses. CLEAR also believes it will help its customer to get paid up to 14 days faster. And because the CLEAR invoicing network is cloud-based, companies don’t have to run any software on their own computers.

Peter Whent, CEO and founder of CLEAR, said: “Having been a small business owner myself several times, I understand at first hand the value of business tools or innovations to help small companies work smarter and spend more time on their business. Technology solutions such as the CLEAR invoicing network will help small organisations become more agile by streamlining the time they spend on managing a crucial but very time consuming administrative process”.

CLEAR plans to extend the reach of the CLEAR invoicing network beyond a simple web interface. “Many businesses use a business system of some sort to run other parts of their business,” Whent explains. “Rather than provide another interface we are working on integrating CLEAR into some of the popular small business software offerings as well as mobile devices such as iPhone or Blackberry so invoices can be raised and submitted while on a customer’s premises or between appointments. Ultimately we want people to be able to send or receive an invoice via the CLEAR network from anywhere using their system or device of choice.”

“Beyond that we plan to build a complete ecosystem that delivers a range of innovative business tools to small firms accessible from virtually anywhere.”

Peter Whent continues: “Small businesses know better than others the saying that time is money. We are making invoicing and getting paid as simple as sending an email for small firms. But this is just the first step on a journey.”


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