European Interoperability Framework for European Public Services

January 6, 2010  |  Adoption, Publications

The European Interoperability Framework (EIF) is developed and maintained in the framework of the IDABC2 and ISA3 programmes, in close collaboration with the Members States and the concerned Commission services. They have worked together in the spirit of Article 154 of the EC Treaty.

According to this article and with the aim to help in the achievement of the objectives referred to in Article 14 on the Internal Market, the Community shall contribute to the establishment and development of trans-European networks and shall aim at promoting the interconnection and interoperability of national networks as well as the access to such

The purpose of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) is:

• to promote and support the delivery of European Public Services by fostering cross-border and
cross-sectoral1 interoperability;

• to guide public administrations’ efforts in providing European Public Services to businesses
and citizens;

• to complement and tie together the various National Interoperability Frameworks (NIF’s) in a
European dimension.

This document, non-technical by nature, is targeting all those involved in the definition, design and
implementation of European Public Services.

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