First EU member states connect their eIDAS nodes

February 2, 2017  |  Compliance, Cooperation, Europe

CEF eID announced that the Netherlands, Austria and Germany have managed to connect their identification and authentication systems via their (technically  compliant) eIDAS nodes in production, making it possible to use Austrian or German eID to access the Dutch national eID infrastructure. Progress on Connecting Europe via cross-border eID connection has also been made in Spain.

One of the key elements to make the use of nationally issued eID across borders possible is the creation of a so-called eIDAS-Node in each EU country. In short, these are connection points using pre-defined language and standards in order to allow the huge variety of national systems to speak and exchange between each other. The sum of them forms the eIDAS-Network.

Workshop – “Towards principles and guidance on eID interoperability for online platforms”

In this context, DG CNECT is organising a one-day workshop in Brussels bringing together representatives of online platforms, as well as of private and business platform users and other interested parties.

The workshop will aim to:

  • Explain the context and the purpose of the initiative, as well as present the results of the online survey organised by the Commission on the topic;
  • Hear the views of the key stakeholder groups on how the use of eID online platforms can benefit them and what challenges may need to be addressed;
  • Showcase examples of the use of national eID means by online platforms in some Member States;
  • Using a participatory approach, collect ideas for a set of principles for eID interoperability as well as on the process to further elaborate and jointly agree on them.

A detailed agenda and information about the registration process will follow soon. Meanwhile, join here to take part.


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