FACe, the Spanish B2G e-invoicing Point of Entry, received 8 million e-invoices in 2016

January 20, 2017  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

Since 15 January 2015 all Spanish public administrations are required to receive e-invoices from their suppliers; in accordance with Law 25/2013, of December 27, to boost the electronic invoice and create the accounting record in the Public Sector,

In addition to the central public administrative bodies that must use FACe, many other public administrations in all administrative domains (state, regional, local, university) have channelled the receipt of their invoices through FACe.

The Spanish approach - that marks the law 25/2013 and in which FACe exerts a point of support, defines a model with few internationally comparable examples. Through a single point of entry for e-invoices, suppliers of goods and services over 8,000 suppliers present their e-invoices to large municipalities, 16 autonomous communities and the General State Administration. This directly resulted in an improvement in the relationship of suppliers with the Public Sector.

During 2016 more than 14,000,000 electronic invoices were distributed from the Electronic Invoices Entry Point (FACe) generated the following data:

More information about FACe can be found in the Technology Transfer Center and in the Invoice forum .


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