Strategic partnership between Tungsten and Trustweaver for global compliant e-invoicing

Strategic partnership between Tungsten and Trustweaver for global compliant e-invoicing

Tungsten Network announced to have inked a strategic partnership with TrustWeaver. Trustweaver is a provider of digital signatures for electronic invoices, credit notes and other transactional documents. Historically Trustweaver’s core is its global VAT compliance platform, that provides long term evidence of electronic invoice integrity and authenticity.

TrustWeaver’s legally compliant electronic signature, time-stamping and tax authority clearance functions had already been integrated into Tungsten Network’s document creation and validation workflows. However, this strategic partnership between Tungsten and Trustweaver:

  • strengthens Tungsten’s already best-in-class compliance offering;
  • supports Tungsten Network’s current activity in Europe and other nations with similar VAT requirements;
  • will help Tungsten Network’s customers achieve e-Invoicing compliance in a growing number of other countries around the world;
  • lets Tungsten Network’s customers benefit immediately from TrustWeaver’s comprehensive compliance services.

Markus Hornburg, VP Compliance, Tungsten Network:

  • “We have dedicated significant investment into developing Tungsten’s expertise in global compliance for electronic document processing, and have designed and built our network to comply with the respective requirements.”
  • “We must continue to respond to the rapid adoption of e-Invoicing and the related legal requirements around the world. Working with TrustWeaver enables us to more quickly achieve compliance in new markets and brings additional support to our offering. Tungsten will always adhere to the highest standards of document security and legal compliance.”

Christiaan van der Valk, President of TrustWeaver AB:
“We are delighted to partner with Tungsten. TrustWeaver shares Tungsten’s goal to help customers trade with confidence, and complements Tungsten’s secure and reliable e-Invoicing, early payment and spend analytics solutions by enabling a technically and legally robust service. We look forward to supporting Tungsten’s plans to bring compliant electronic invoicing to even more new territories and organizations.”


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