OpusCapita buys Norian Group, becomes major financial accounting service provider

OpusCapita has acquired the Norian Group, a norwegian based financial accounting outsourcing company Norian Group. Norian has eight locations in Norway and employs 160 people in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania.

The acquisition makes OpusCapita one of the major financial accounting service providers in Norway, and a major player in financial accounting outsourcing. In addition, the acquisition further improves OpusCapita’s capabilities in providing services for small and medium-sized customers.

Heikki Länsisyrjä, CEO, OpusCapita:

“Norian is an exciting and modern accounting company that explores technology and has a nearshoring operating model. This fits well with OpusCapita’s strategic vision and will strengthen our expertise in this area. There is a lot of synergy with our products, services and existing clientele. In addition, OpusCapita will expand its customer base by 1,400 new customers.”



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