Anachron signs Belgian ESP initiative for an e-invoicing interoperability charter

anachron invoiceportal 150x150 Anachron signs Belgian ESP initiative for an e invoicing interoperability charterIn Belgium there is such a thing as the ESP (E-invoicing Service Providers) Protocol. It is the result of three recently signed protocols to promote the current adoption of 20% to new levels.  Similar to France.

In the ESP protocol, the ESPs and the Belgian Business Software Providers (BBSPs) agreed to produce a standard for data exchange that will allow them to transfer electronic invoices more smoothly.

E-invoicing interoperability in Belgium

Minister Olivier Chastel, director-general Edwin de Pue of the Agency for Administrative Simplification, Anachron’s sales manager for Belgium Dirk Geerts signed the ESP interoperability charter, joining the to be established “E-invoicing Service Providers” (ESPs) protocol in Belgium.

Olivier Chastel, the minister for Administrative Simplification:
“It has been estimated for Belgium that the reduction in administrative burdens would be about 3.5 billion euros if all invoices were sent and handled electronically. So it’s only logical that the Belgian government is supporting initiatives that encourage the use of electronic invoicing.”

Dirk Geerts, sales manager Anachron Belgium:
“Joining up with the Belgian ESPs will let Anachron make its e-Invoicing services even more accessible to existing and new SMEs. Any SME can now be connected up quickly and easily to our e-Invoicing platform and can even take it a step further without too much difficulty and computerise its entire order-to-cash process. I am proud of the fact that we at Anachron are able to make a contribution to the objective of increasing the proportion of electronic invoicing in Belgium.”

Frank Hoekstra, CEO Anachron:
“Affiliation to the ESPs is in line with Anachron’s aim of making it possible to exchange invoices across different platforms both within Europe and beyond,” says Mr Hoekstra. “As one of Europe’s biggest players in this field, we are pleased to take on a pioneering role in making e-Invoicing accessible for all companies. And not without reason: e-Invoicing has numerous economic and social benefits and helps companies fully utilise all the capabilities of today’s digital society.

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