GS1, PEPPOL, SimplerInvoicing, HubAlliance,…Interoperability interrupted?

April 22, 2014  |  Adoption, Europe, Interoperability

interrupted communication 150x150 GS1, PEPPOL, SimplerInvoicing, HubAlliance,...Interoperability interrupted?There is a very interesting LinkedIN discussion going on regarding interoperability in Europe. What to choose from with platforms in place like OpenPEPPOL, GS1, OpenPEPPOL, SimplerInvoicing, HubAlliance and so on? Or maybe you want to stick with the proprietary platform of the largest e-invoicing service provider(s)?

And even though they are all promoting the same cause (interoperability), it sometimes seems as if their different -business- perspectives on interoperability are having an effect on the current interoperability uptake. Read the comments from Bruno Koch (Billentis), Carmen Ciciriello (OpenPEPPOL), Jaap Jan Nienhuis (SimperInvoicing), Ger Clancy (IBM) and others.


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