Introducing eFinans: the first and only finance solution for Turkish e-invoices

eFinans, a company that was established jointly by Finansbank – a leader in the banking sector – and by Cybersoft – a leader in information technologies – provides e-Invoice Integration, tailor-made e-Invoice support, e-Invoice archiving, e-Ledger application services – as well as online banking solutions through its e-Commerce portal.

Since Septem­ber 2013, com­pan­ies in Turkey have to com­ply to new require­ments involving the issue of “e-invoicing” – i.e. the process of using, sending, and archiving electronic invoices that are meant to ensure these are shared (and stored) safely and efficiently between clients and providers.

Please click here to download and examine the detailed offering of eFinans, especially for BCCT (Britisch Chamber of Commerce of Turkey) members.

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