eFinans market leader in Turkish e-invoicing in its 1st year

eFinans, The joint venture of Finansbank AS and Cybersoft Inc (seasoned experts in their fields) has captured market leadership in its first year against decades old competitors in IT.

eFinans separates itself from the rest with its ERP integration with 45 local and global ERP software thus able to capture 90% of the e-invoice users using an ERP system. Its webportal has also been developed to match a typical invoice module of an ERP in order to serve small Business requirements.

eFinans currently serves 1200+ businesses processing a growing number of invoices in the millions. It continues to offer its clients the only e-invoice financing solution in Turkey.

eFinans has recently also launched the first cloud based ERP-independent e-Bookkeeping service, able to serve thousands of clients at minimal costs.

eFinans also has recently acquired its e-Archive license from the Turkish Revenue Administration, an application which will engulf all outbound invoices hence starting to penetrate into the B2C market.


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