Doccle: one central hub for all your mandates, invoices and payments

October 14, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

doccle uw digitaal documentenkanaal1 150x150 Doccle: one central hub for all your mandates, invoices and paymentsBecause of the EU SEPA deadline, as from 1 February  2014 the vendors will manage the direct debit mandates. From years on the banks was the repository of your direct debit mandates.

And that’s asking for trouble. Consumers will have to create and keep up separate login accounts logins. Trust will decline. And then the same thing happens as with digital document exchange like e-billing and e-invoicing: everyone goes his own way and the consumer loses overview. It could mean that many consumers might well withdraw their direct debit mandates and opt for other payment methods.

One central hub for your mandates , invoices and payments

Doccle creates and alternative solution to this situation. It is a central place where consumers can manage their own permissions. Consumers receive a link from suppliers that have joined Doccle. Via that link the consumer can make his own account and with a single click he van activate the mandate via Doccle. Doccle users will also immediately find other suppliers that he can check to offer them with a direct debit mandate. Also Doccle can be used an e-billing repository and Doccle also allows users to make payments on unpaid invoices.

The networking effect of Doccle

Doccle targets a network effect like Facebook or Linkedin . The relatively high pricing for digital services doesn’t massively spark senders to start with digitisation initiatives. Currently 5 to 10 percent of consumers spontaneously opt in on digital communications. With specific actions, such as discount on invoices, you can increase that amount to 30 percent. And by forcing you paying customers you can go as high as 100%. However, after a month or six drops those adoption numbers drop again, because the customers still type their payments in their PC banking and don’t see the benefits of e-billing. And it is just that, that Doccle wants to break through with and extremely simple tool with no compromises.

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