Better buying, better selling and now: better paying [CEO Blog + video's]

basware mastercard 150x150 Better buying, better selling and now: better paying [CEO Blog + videos]At the end of September Basware announced their exciting partnership with MasterCard to combine payment processes with electronic invoicing network. By combining the skills, expertise and connecting the Basware Commerce Network with MasterCard’s global reach across 22,000 financial institutions in 210 countries, they are able to bring great value to businesses of all sizes and economies around the world.

Governments can procure more economically, large corporations can source more efficiently globally and small businesses will benefit from access to electronic invoicing, purchasing and payment through one, easy-to-use platform. As this infographic shows, this will boost cash flows and financial confidence – and ultimately help the world economy to grow.

As you can learn from the interview videos, their joint offering can help to mitigate fraud and other impediments to cash flow.


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