EchoVera Offers Cloud-based Invoice Processing with PaletteOnline in the US and in Canada

July 8, 2013  |  Invoice Automation, North America

PaletteOnline gives companies of any size a fast route to easier, more flexible invoice processing:  users get secure access in the cloud to their supplier invoices for checking, authorisation and detailed reporting, from any location with a Web connection.

Getting started with PaletteOnline via EchoVera is easy.  EchoVera can receive the customer’s invoices via its scanning solutions, email, or its electronic invoicing service for a truly touch-less solution. Customers can then process and authorise their invoices securely via PaletteOnline.  PaletteOnline needs virtually no set-up time, unlike traditional invoice processing systems, enabling companies to quickly make the transition to automated invoice handling and benefit from ongoing cost and time savings.



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