E-invoice automation as a managed service: pay per use rules!

July 3, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

When looking at how e-Invoicing can benefit your company, you should understand that the higher the number of invoices processed electronically, the greater the benefit. The target for most companies successfully using e-Invoicing is to maximize the amount of invoices processed electronically as quickly as possible.

With SEEBURGER’s Pay Per Use Managed Services you can easily achieve this target – without capital investment and with a minimal amount of effort, meaning that you can instantly benefit from the many advantages of e-Invoicing with SEEBURGER?s full service solution.

Benefits at a glance

Electronic processing of invoice receipts with SEEBURGER Invoice Managed Services brings you the following benefits.

  1. Priced per invoice.
  2. No investments in staff, know-how, it-infrastructure, licences or maintenance.
  3. Reduces your processing costs by up to 80%
  4. Efficient, smooth and trouble-free transition to e-Invoicing.
  5. ++SEEBURGER manages the entire process, from onboarding of business partners to EDI clearing, right through to monitoring.
  6. ++SEEBURGER handles all technical questions and connects all your business partners.
  7. ++Automatic, complete integration to all financial and back-end systems.
  8. Guaranteed compliance with all known regulations and guidelines.

Download the Brochure: SEEBURGER’s Pay Per Use Managed Services

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