NBC Universal: e-invoicing and invoice automation with Basware

NBC Universal a major media and entertainment company, selected Basware ‘Accounts Payable Automation’, ‘Scan and Capture’ and ‘Basware E-invoicing’ for connecting and transacting with suppliers, and automating the invoicing process. These three solutions should enable NBCUniversal to conduct e-invoicing, to gain visibility and control over invoices and to improve relationships with suppliers.

Basware Accounts Payable Automation will be implemented via Software as a Service (SaaS) on a cloud-based platform for purchase to pay: Basware’s Alusta. Additionally, NBCUniversal will implement Scan & Capture and Basware e-Invoicing over the Basware Commerce Network. The new service is delivered in the US and in the countries where NBCUNiversal’s customers and suppliers are located.

Source: http://www.basware.com/news-and-events/news/nbcuniversal-selects-basware%E2%80%99s-commerce-network-and-accounts-payable-automation

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