:psinova: joins the E-invoicing Platform

integration :psinova: joins the E invoicing Platform:psinova: follows Perceptive Software’s excellent example and has decided to become a member of the E-invoicing Platform. Well, a warm welcome to :psinova: from all of us here at the E-invoicing Platform. :psinova: is an internationally operating software manufacturer and system integrator focusing on SAP & ECM. :psinova: products and solutions together with their :psinova: SAP Expert Team enable customers and partners to streamline and automate their business processes.

About :psinova:

:psinova: is located in Kreuzlingen Switzerland; it is acting successfully in its present form since 2001. This cutting-edge company is focusing on product development as well as on process and system integration in a SAP environment. Thus being the inspiration for the company’s name. The company has highly skilled employees, who always have an eye for the needs of their customers.

:psinova: is targeting international markets with its portfolio and services. The core products are available in 6 languages and are used in almost two dozen countries by large and medium-sized enterprises. :psinova: is attending the direct and indirect sales channel.

:psinova:’s products and solutions are based on SAP - Technologies like SAP-Workflow, SAP-Dynpro, ABAB OO and internet technologies like JAVA and ORBEON. :psinova: streamlines the SAP business processes of many types of departments like sales, purchasing, production, human resources and finance.

Optimized SAP business processes, shortened cycles, simplified operation and embedding of further departments (web!) save time and reduce costs. Employee training and a modern support concept increase the efficiency even more. :psinova: helps customers to focus on their core competence. :psinova: will give you all the advice and practical support you require.

Interested? Contact :psinova:!

Contact: Klaus Pecher
Phone: +41 (0) 71 - 677 27 - 11
Website:  www.psinova.com/en/

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