CONTEST: Are you even more committed to the e-invoicing cause than these people?

February 18, 2013  |  Uncategorized

As you probably know, we have an insane load of daily news items to go through on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, RSS feeds and plain old Google. And while I was doing my bi-daily scoure on Twitter, I was in shock and awe to find the picture in this tweet by InExchange’s Thordur Erlingsson.

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My reaction via Twitter was: “OH MY GOD!! This is unreal (hopefully)”. Only to find out that not only Thordur Erlingsson, but also Peter Loughlin committed himself in the same way to this cause:

In fact, Peter asked me whether “Have you not got one too Friso?”, followed by Thordur: “Nice one Pete :) I am sending an tattoo artist to Frisco as we speak.”


So, if you are committed to the cause just like these two brave men are, contact Thordur or Peter, and get yourselves a tattoo, too.

In fact, why not start a contest. The best einvoicing tattoo or other ways to show how you are committed to the einvoicing cause, wins.

The winner gets eternal glory and a REAL tattoo (see bottom of this post)!




P.S. Photoshop anyone?

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