One-Click Cloud Connector and Open API Capability for all of Liaison’s solutions

January 16, 2013  |  Digitalisation, North America

Cloud computing 225x225 One Click Cloud Connector and Open API Capability for all of Liaisons solutionsLiaison Technologies announced a new Cloud Connector feature for simple one click extensibility in the latest version of its product ECS. Version 7.0 of its products also also gives users SOAP-based API, allowing access to various business functions in ECS through data, as well as the power to add event rule handling to scheduled items, increase the visibility of event rules on output channels, and improve security by controlling access and viewing rights of individuals or groups.

Other new features of ECS version 7.0 are: enhanced security group settings and extended support for monitoring and on-boarding partners.

Delta 6.0

Fundtech’s other product, Delta 6.0 release, is now optimized for newer operating systems, with additional productivity improvements for mapping and database testing.

Liaison’s Delta data translation tool remains one of the strongest and most cost-efficient solutions on the market. Delta 6.0 optimizes performance, improves support for database targets and large source XML files, and provides a more customizable user interface. The new version of Delta also makes translation easier by offering new features to complement the hundreds of already built-in functions and any-to-any mapping capabilities.

Both solutions support multibyte data and when used together provide a complete EAI solution, capable of coordinating the many diverse applications, databases, and e-commerce formats found across the enterprise.

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