Authorised third party service providers allowed into Turkey

January 7, 2013  |  Featured Articles, Uncategorized

A great New Year’s resolution for all you control freaks out there would be to learn to let things go. It’s impossible to pull all the strings all the time. Maybe you should follow Turkey’s lead (or at least when it comes to e-invoicing). Previously, only the state owned service provider was permitted to act as e-invoicing network operator. But Turkey’s government now allows authorised third party service providers to exchange and archive electronic invoices on behalf of taxpayers. Talk about letting things go!

Even more good news

Communiqué No 421 (14 December 2012) includes another interesting message besides the liberalisation of the e-invoicing market. E-Invoicing becomes mandatory for some critical sectors in the country:

  • Tobacco and tobacco product (suppliers and buyers)
  • Petroleum oils and lubricants (suppliers and buyers)
  • Alcoholic beverages (suppliers and buyers)

Having a good transparency about the (e-)invoicing market stays a major objective of the Turkish Revenue Department with the aim to reduce the tax evasion.

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