RBS builds in greater efficiencies for UK property giant

December 3, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

property advice RBS builds in greater efficiencies for UK property giantFor the past 200 years, GVA has provided commercial property advice to some of the UK’s leading public and private sector organisations. For over a quarter of that time, RBS has been the company’s banker, equipping GVA with finance facilities, corporate clearing, asset financing, LPA Receiver overdrafts and rate risk solutions. RBS is now building on this relationship by providing the property specialist with the Accounts Payable e-Invoicing solution.

Widening potential

GVA’s Corporate Recovery team heard about the benefits of RBS e-invocing and asked for a workshop on the full potential of the service within the wider group context, including pricing, cost benefits and timing. RBS put all of this in place within three months – a tight time-scale dictated by GVA’s simultaneous implementation of a new insolvency practice management system. By working closely with the client, the bank was able to deliver the live system on schedule in September, 2012.

Adhering to green agenda

As a company that continues to help define the UK’s built environment, GVA has a strong interest in sustainability, including the reduction of its carbon footprint. RBS e-invoicing is helping to achieve that objective as well. By reducing and removing the need to print, send, store and destroy paperwork, the electronic alternative to hard copy invoicing is enabling GVA to adhere more closely than ever to its green agenda.

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