Tommy Hilfiger automates electronic invoicing processes with Sterling Commerce

October 26, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing

Tommy Hilfiger Europe has selected Sterling Commerce’s e-Invoicing solution to automate its buyer electronic invoicing processes.

The retailer said the solution will enable it to reduce the cost of its cross-border and domestic trading by automating customer invoicing processes.

Tommy Hilfiger’s accounts receivable department processes on average 33,000 invoices per month from 4,000 customers. The retailer said that it wanted to improve profits by ensuring that all invoices are processed so they are paid on time and in full.

An end-to-end audit of accounts receivable processes found that invoices cost about €1 (89p) each to print and post internationally and additional costs were incurred through lost receipts and time taken to rectify errors and chase up receipts.

Tommy Hilfiger said it opted for the Sterling e-Invoicing solution because it wanted to reduce the error rate in its invoice processing, thereby speeding up payments.

“To us, e-invoicing is the future of invoicing and we wish to be among the first companies in our industry to offer this service to our customers,” said Frederick Kolff, vice president of credit management at Tommy Hilfiger.

He added that Sterling Commerce’s solution improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of its invoicing process and ensures compliance with all its safety and auditing regulations.

“As a result, our invoicing costs are reduced and our DSO [days sales outstanding] will improve. Equally important to us is that we can have a positive impact on the environment from e-invoicing owing to the huge amount of paper we will save.”


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