Pagero launches Pagero Data Capture – a service that helps companies maximize the data capture for all their purchase orders and invoices. The service is a global solution that suits companies of all sizes and is a complement to the flows that are not yet electronic.

With Pagero Data Capture, companies can receive all the company’s purchase orders and invoices electronically to their ERP or order system via Pagero Online, regardless if the issuer sends the messages electronically or not.

With Pagero Data Capture, companies do not need to use internal resources for data capture, which saves time and money. Less internal administration also leads to faster turnaround thanks to fewer DSO.

More information can be interpreted with Pagero Data Capture than with traditional OCR scanning solutions, since the information is interpreted not only on header level but also on row level. Improved data quality provides the company with a better basis for analysis and decision-making.

There is also a search function in the service, which actively monitors the company’s business partners and notifies if any of them can send purchase orders or invoices electronically. In that way, we help our customers to increase their e-flow as fast as possible to maximize the use of the investment.

Bengt Nilsson, CEO, Pagero:
”Pagero Data Capture is yet another step in our strive to help our customers to digitize 100% of their order and invoice flows as quickly as possible. The service also helps them to get accurate data into their systems, since the information is interpreted on row level.”

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