Bloomberg: “Taulia May Go Public in 2016, Sees Valuation of Over $1 Billion”

Well actually this is not a quote from Bloomberg, but from Taulia’s Chief Product Officer Markus Ament who stated that Taulia is planning to go public as early as next year and expects a valuation of at least $1 billion.

Markus Ament added that Taulia would float 10 percent to 15 percent of its value and that Taulia has been talking to investment banks, and hasn’t selected underwriters yet.

Seventy-five large companies, including Coca-Cola Bottling Co. and EBay Inc., as well as their 460,000 suppliers use products from Taulia. Its software lets suppliers receive money more quickly by offering discounts for early payment. More than 10 percent of a typical company’s suppliers take advantage of that feature, Ament said. Payers can get financing through Taulia’s marketplace.

Markus Ament: 
“There’s zero risk, because these are approved invoices. The software tracks when invoices get sent, approved and paid. Taulia charges payers either an annual fee based on size or takes a cut of the payments made early, or both. We don’t believe in financing the top 100 suppliers, we believe in financing all suppliers.” 

Taulia started in 2009, has processed $75 billion in payments, and has raised $85 million in funding from investors including BBVA Ventures and EDBI. Taulia competes with banks and firms such as Basware Oyj, which began offering similar services last year. It’s going after smaller suppliers that haven’t previously had access to such early-payment services.

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