Is Britain lagging behind in e-invoicing adoption?

January 30, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The recent ‘Europe a la carte’ speech of David Cameron’s MP still resonates a bit in the ears of EU optimists. Albeit  not as much as David Cameron might probably have hoped for.

In the meantime much more important stuff is going on. Like the lack/lag of adoption of e-invoicing in Britain for instance. More and more professionals are taking up the stand and are complaining that Britain is lagging behind on e-invoicing adoption.

The complaint underneath sums it up it pretty well:

“Britain already lags behind most of Europe and many of our global competitors. In Denmark, paper invoicing has been banned in the public sector since 2005. E-invoicing in the public sector has been in operation in Sweden since 2008. The Finnish government has accepted e-invoices only since January 2010. Britain must step up its game.”

So if David Cameron is going for a European a la carte, UK professional advise him to add e-invoicing liberalisation to his menu.

Source: Increase in E-Invoicing Drives CFO, CIO Partnership

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