Will you help France to connect her CHORUS-factures platform with OpenPEPPOL?

Well actually, the AIFE  (The IT agency of the French Ministry for Economy and Finance Affairs), wants to open a permanent access to the PEPPOL network for the CHORUS-factures platform.  The CHORUS-factures  is THE e-Invoicing platform of French ministries and state owned organisations.

About the CHORUS-factures platform

CHORUS-factures is operated by AIFE, which provides access to the CHORUS back end accounting system. CHORUS receives 4 millions invoices every year. Currently CHORUS, accepts invoices and other messages in UBL 2.0, UN/CEFACT CII CTS V2.0 and ISO 20022.

AIFE plans to exchange e-Invoices across borders implementing the PEPPOL specifications – BIS 4A Invoice only – based on UBL 2.0-FEN00105A). This UBL2.0-FEN00105A format is fully compliant with UBL 2.0 with a limited number of additional fields.

Connecting CHORUS with OpenPEPPOL

Because of this cross border ambition, AIFE and OpenPEPPOL France (the organisation acting as national PEPPOL Authority) are inviting (foreign) suppliers, OpenPEPPOL operators, service providers, and national suppliers, to send e-Invoices to CHORUS-factures for final testing.

Pilot and more information

OpenPEPPOL France and AIFE will help implementers to make necessary format conversion and technical interoperability testing.  The tests are to be carried out freely within a pilot environment, with the aim to establish actual e-Invoices transactions on a permanent basis with the French public administrations.
For further information, please contact:
Thierry AMADIEU – OpenPEPPOL France
[email protected]
Mobile: +33 625 634 471


Source: Carmen Ciccerello


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