Whitworths moves to Wesupply's OneTime managed EDI service

Whitworths moves to Wesupply’s OneTime managed EDI service

Whitworths Ltd, the UK’s leading supplier of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, has moved to OneTime, Wesupply’s fully managed EDI service, for an integrated B2B solution that removes the need for day-to-day involvement with EDI.

Whitworths made the decision to change EDI providers when it became clear that integrating its incumbent EDI solution with its new ERP system would be costly and require considerable internal resource. Wesupply’s any-to-any integration capability will enable Whitworths to integrate to their new ERP system seamlessly and in a timely manner, with minimal internal effort.

Steven Griffiths, Head of IT at Whitworths:
“After embarking on an ERP upgrade project it became clear that we needed to change EDI providers. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to react quickly and cost effectively to changes such as a new ERP system or additional customer connections. We subsequently decided that the time was right to move to an outsourced solution and were impressed with Wesupply’s offering and customer references.”

Wesupply’s managed service team will remove the day-to-day responsibility of maintaining an EDI solution from Whitworths, monitoring and resolving any issues that may occur. As OneTime is a fully managed service it will enable Whitworths to respond to any changes quickly and efficiently.

Matt Wilcock, Senior Sales Executive at Wesupply:
“As with many companies who have an on premise EDI solution, Whitworths started to feel the strain of dealing with EDI internally. Our managed service team will remove the burden from Whitworths and provide the company with a solid platform moving forward, enabling additional customers and suppliers to be added quickly and easily, as Whitworths continue to grow.”

Source: http://www.wesupply.com/2015/02/whitworths-moves-to-wesupplys-fully-managed-edi-service/

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