White paper: Finding Cash in a Cash-Strapped World [whitepaper]

The Aberdeen Group’s study of best-in-class AP automation practices demonstrates that current processes are not working for nearly 80% of corporations. Until executives understand the power of the financial supply chain and set aside budget to institute these technology-driven improvements, these inefficiencies will continue. Non-efficient companies with higher costs of goods sold and lower profit ratios simply cannot compete with efficient companies that optimise their financial supply chains.

“Finding Cash in a Cash-Strapped World – Increase Profit by Removing Inefficiencies in Financial Supply Chain” can help you to:

  • Ensure your enterprise maintains a competitive cost structure.
  • Forecast future scenarios and risks reliably.
  • Improve Finance’s analytical, modeling and forecasting capabilities.
  • Leverage new finance applications, technologies and technology deployment models.
  • Manage complexity of all components of the Finance service delivery model.

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