What does the ‘Brexit’ mean for UK Peppol implementations?

What is clear is that uncertainty due to the expected ‘Brexit’ breeds financial instability. This will affect the ability of the Brittish government to fund public sector initiatives, and add increased pressure to its public sector procurement professionals to derive more value from its resources whilst retaining front line services. And this means that the public service will have to become even more efficient than currently expected.

Exactly the reason why the Brittish government choose PEPPOL to achieve this. Will the Brexit undermine this strategy and throw it into turmoil? Or will e-trading remain a very real necessity in driving down costs and suppliers, who trade across Europe, will continue to benefit from a consistent, though locally developed, PEPPOL infrastructure?

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-does-brexit-mean-ojeu-peppol-anna-micklewright-ba-hons-mcips

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