We welcome Tradeshift as the latest sponsor of the E-invoicing Platform

We again welcome Tradeshift as the latest sponsor of the E-invoicing Platform. For most of you Tradeshift needs no introduction. For those interested: Tradeshift is a global business-to-business platform that helps companies run more efficiently, using cloud-based technology to improve processes like invoicing, workflow and supplier financing.

The Tradeshift Mission

Tradeshift wants to fundamentally change the way business works. From the smallest independent contractor to the biggest corporations on earth, Tradeshift is working on connecting the dots to create a new cloud-based framework that supersedes everything that came before.

Everything Tradeshift does is centered around creating value over profit maximization, transparency and knowledge sharing, collaboration over command and control and last but not least: empowering the individual over micro-managed processes.

Roles and services

Tradeshift provides several services for different roles. Such as supplier management, e-document exchange, electronic invoicing, cloudscan, collaborative workflow, early payment solutions, business applications and consulting services.

We are looking forward to cover the developments, news items, events and background articles that Tradeshift has in store for you and us.

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