We proudly present: Kewill – Our newest E-invoicing Platform sponsor!

A warm welcome to the E-invoicing Platform for Kewill. We hope that this sponsorship will help Kewill to live up to its goal of delivering solutions that accelerate global trade and logistics.

And we are thankful that they allow us to carry out our ambition: to promote the best practices and adoption in electronic invoicing and invoice automation and distribute them to end-users.

About Kewill’s products

Kewill solutions are expressly built and designed to move goods from supplier to customer and back again. Whether that is from a plant in Asia to a retailer in Germany, or an Internet retailer in the US to a consumer in the United Kingdom, Kewill solutions support transportation and cross-border compliance to ensure smooth and efficient supply chains.

Kewill supports the shippers and logistics service providers involved in the supply chain. World class companies in manufacturing, retail, distribution and logistics gain value from Kewill solutions every day.

Trade Compliance: Growing business through exports is a key opportunity. Seize an opening with accelerated export processing.

Customs Compliance: Governments are increasing import regulation and electronic filing requirements. Improve customer service with streamlined import filing.

Parcel Shipping: Delivering the goods to your global customers is a balance of costs and customer service. Gain global control and visibility to your shipping operation.

Transportation & Warehousing: Logistics service providers are under constant pressure to win contracts. Create a competitive advantage through advanced management of costs, pricing, network and partners.

Freight Forwarding: Global 3PLs are the navigators of growth for global trade. Achieve a competitive edge with global shipment management and visibility.

Reverse Logistics: Handling returns is typically a fragmented business. Gain visibility and control of your reverse supply chain to increase profits and improve customer service.

Integration & Visibility: Supply chains are getting more complex with more markets, suppliers, partners, systems and processes. Realise the benefits of integration and visibility with your strategic trading partners.

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