We give the floor to our supply chain finance sponsor: ApexPeak

We are delighted that ApexPeak have decided to participate in the E-invoicing Platform for all of the right reasons. ApexPeak is a leading alternative finance provider. Founded in 2012, the firm provides in excess of US$1.3 billion trade finance to businesses located in 25 countries worldwide.

By offering a fast, flexible and affordable service, ApexPeak replaces the slow, manual and restrictive processes required by traditional lenders. As a result, our customers can worry less about cash flow problems and instead focus on growing their businesses.

ApexPeak for partners

Inject cash into your supply chain, receivables purchases or e-invoice platform. ApexPeak have completed partner agreements with Prime Revenue (more here), as we as with SESAMi (more here) in Southeast Asia. Access ApexPeak’s treasury and add revenue streams to your existing supply chain finance platform or e-invoicing services. Talk to them now about how you can take advantage of their application TreasuryNow.

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ApexPeak for buyers

Save millions of dollars on your bottom line by optimising your company’s cash flow. Turn accounts payable into a profit centre and save millions of dollars annually by automating and maximising supplier discounts. Keep your supply chain happy and healthy by offering suppliers early payments on their e-invoices; thereby helping to improve supplier relationships, and reduce supplier enquiries and operational costs.

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ApexPeak for suppliers

SMEs can improve their cash flow by receiving early payment on single or multiple e-invoices. Suppliers can post their e-invoices and documents on Invoice Advance, get a decision in only one day and receive and an advance in just five days. A huge number of SMEs from Southeast Asia and Hong Kong already use Invoice Advance to ease cash flow shortfalls and receive early payment settlements confidentially. Example: ApexPeak can advance a supplier $16,000 on an e-invoice worth $20,000.

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Get in touch now with ApexPeak and see how easy it is to improve your cash flow.

Want to know more? Write to: enquiry [at] apexpeak.com or visit: www.apexpeak.com.

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