Want to sap the strength out of your supply chain? Charge your suppliers portal fees!

May 30, 2016  |  Adoption, Supply Chain Finance

A post by Chris Cauley: Senior Director Solutions Consulting for P2P automation and Dynamic Discounting industry leader, Taulia

“To state the obvious, your suppliers see no logic in paying a fee just to submit an invoice to your company. You already know supplier adoption for the portal is the key to maximized ROI.  When you charge your suppliers fees, you’re essentially offering a reason to not use the portal, and potentially discontinue a partnership with you.”

“In a simple, real-life example, charging supplier fees is like hosting a dinner party and charging your friends for eating your food”


Source: http://resources.taulia.com/h/i/39658010-want-to-sap-the-strength-out-of-your-supply-chain-charge-your-suppliers-portal-fees/80208

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