Visa and @UK launch Cloudbuy for e-billing and e-procurement in Asia [trend]

October 14, 2013  |  Asia, Cooperation, E-procurement

cloud buy tag Visa and @UK launch Cloudbuy for e billing and e procurement in Asia [trend]Visa has teamed up with @UK to launch a cloud-based, advanced e-procurement and e-billing platform. This platform that extends the capabilities of existing procure-to-pay products, into business planning and improving interaction between buyers and their suppliers.

The firms described cloudBuy as ‘an integrated solution that takes a corporate buyer through a procurement process, from sourcing, order placement, payment, through to analyzing the purchase from a cost management standpoint, in a few mouse clicks’. The exclusive partnership with Visa allows for a safe and controlled payment environment.

As time goes by we can see that e-invoicing is evolving. After the Basware+MasterCard deal, the Tradeshift+CapitalAid deal, the Tungsten+OB10 deal, we now see the Visa+@UK deal. It displays a trend where e-invoicing now longer sits on itself, but becomes an integral part of larger business processes. Good news for e-invoicing adoption  and innovation.

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  1. Another very interesting partnership in this industry. e-invoicing is one of those things that surely every business should be doing. If consumer sites like Amazon and eBay can do it 100%, why on earth can’t the business to business market. Anything that helps businesses to adopt the approach will be a winner, as we typically see adoption getting in the way of change, despite clear benefits to an organisation.

    Interesting to hear that this deal is for the Asian market. Clearly a market with big potential, but I imagine this is the first deal that can then be rolled out to other growing markets, e.g. Africa or Latin America.