Virgin Media launches mobile e-billing: 1,5 million e-bills each month

June 20, 2012  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The gigantuous Virgin Media has implemented a mobile e-billing service. Virgin Media’s back-office billing engine generates data for over 1.5 million mobile contract customers a month – most of which choose to receive their bills electronically.

The new in-house solution was chosen by Virgin Media to improve customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency. That is why at the front-end you find a customer self-service web portal that supports everything from viewing and paying bills to switching tariffs, ordering a new phone, topping up and downloading software upgrades.

Advantages of the mobile e-billing solution

The benefits of the new mobile e-billing at Virgin Media’s facility are:

  1. bill preparation and production times for Virgin Media’s mobile customers are now just a single day,
  2. internal processing and support costs have been reduced
  3. the new system provides the flexibility to easily update and expand future e-billing and payment services,
  4. keeping in line with business objectives and a rapidly-growing client base.
  5. improved customer satisfaction
  6. improved operational efficiency

Feedback and comments

  • Feedback from the Virgin Media’s customers:
    Feedback on the new system has been positive with customers and frontline care staff benefiting from the clear information and data being delivered.

    Customers are finding it easier than ever to understand their bills at first glance, which has had a positive impact on the number of billing enquiries coming into Virgin Media’s customer care teams.
  • Paul Mitchell, director of Billing & Collection Services at Virgin Media:
    “We’ve made excellent progress in our mobile e-billing experience. The changes we’ve realised by bringing our e-billing operation ‘in-house’ have given us outstanding online billing functionality and helps position Virgin Media at the forefront of the market.

    We’re able to deliver transparent and meaningful bill information to customers, and to our frontline customer service agents, which is now simpler to understand and easier to navigate.”
  • Steve Wright, EVP of Marketing and Commercial Operations at ebpSource:
    “By making significant enhancements to their e-billing and payment processes and applications, Virgin Media has been able to see some very immediate results.

    ebpSource is honoured to be a part of this success story and would like to congratulate team members on all sides. A great combined effort has provided a solid foundation for future growth and expansion, within one of the foremost consumer brands in the world.”

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