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May 2016

  1. Paperless invoicing for the Groupe Rocher in Europe: successful roll-out in 5 countries!

    It was a successful gamble as the project was set up in nine months to process 130,000 electronic invoices annually, an objective reached during 2015! From Germany to Spain, five leading retail countries included in this European project

December 2014

  1. Accelya and HCorpo cooperate on tax compliant e-invoicing for ALTEN

    Under the impetus of its customer ALTEN, HCorpo (the corporate travel and hotel booking portal) has, together with Accelya, introduced electronic invoicing under EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) flow: a global project offering benefits at all levels!

May 2014

  1. Accelya provides efficient e-invoicing for TourCom Travel Management

    Because all companies, whether large or small, need to optimize their costs and productivity, TourCom, the second largest network of travel agencies in France, is now offering its agencies and their business customers access to tax-compliant electronic invoicing, thanks to the expertise and the wealth of experience that ACCELYA has in the field of electronic invoicing.

March 2014

  1. E-invoicing in the Yves Rocher Group: a large-scale project with immediate benefits!

    The challenge was to adapt e-invoicing to client subsidiaries in France, with the aim to “go paperless”. The programme was first of all rolled out in the Yves Rocher France chain, which represents more than 600 stores, franchised Partners and managers, and an annual volume of 140,000 invoices and 60,000 payment notices.

    Electronic invoicing here implied not two, but three key players: the Yves Rocher Brand, its store Partners, and their accounting firms.

January 2014

  1. ACCELYA linked to ‘Chorus Factures’ for electronic invoicing to the French State

    ACCELYA is now connected to ‘Chorus Factures’ (‘Chorus Invoices’), the paperless invoicing portal put in place by the French State for use by its suppliers. Companies that use ACCELYA services may therefore send electronic invoices to the State for public contracts executed. ACCELYA applies its skills -specifically in the area of electronic invoicing- to streamline the invoicing process for its customers and to reduce related costs, through optimum transmission of their invoices to the public authorities.

October 2013

  1. Accelya signs the GS1 Interoperability Charter for E-invoicing solutions

    ACCELYA, specialist in electronic invoicing and paperless flows, signed at the end of September the e-invoicing interoperability charter, which gathered around GS1 France 25 electronic invoicing operators. The interoperability charter aims to reinforce the costless nature of transactions, particularly when an electronic invoice passes through two different operators.

    The drafting of the Interoperability Charter began almost one year ago, as part of a GS1 France Working Group of users. It emerged from a shared desire among GS1 member companies, publishers and operators of electronic invoicing solutions, to create the optimum conditions for a managed, stress-free and fast deployment of electronic invoicing.

April 2013

  1. DEPANN 2000 starts e-invoicing project with Accelya’s help

    DEPANN 2000 is a French company with 160 employees which specialises in breakdown recovery. But that’s not why we find the company so interesting. The thing is, together with Accelya DEPANN 2000 has launched an e-invoicing project for its customers. That’s over 100,000 invoices we’re talking about here.

February 2012

  1. FRAM: Best practice on tax-compliant e-invoicing by Accelya

    The project involves a current volume of 300,000 customer invoices, and several stages have already been successfully implemented in response to the needs of travel agencies and customers, in a move towards 100% integration of invoicing data

October 2011

  1. AVEXIA Voyages chooses ACCELYA for its customer e-invoicing project

    Business travel specialist launches project for 400,000 customer e-invoices per year

August 2011

  1. The Clear’ Invoice Virtual Printer by ACCELYA

    A printer driver installed on the workstation can generate signed electronic invoices, allowing the elimination of paper invoices having an original tax value