Van der Valk starts with e-invoicing using Anachron’s InvoicePortal

Van der Valk Exclusive has decided to start with e-invoicing using Anachron’s InvoicePortal. Van der Valk Exclusief is a group of 32 exclusive hotels with both consumer and business customers. for hotel stays, meetings, congresses and other business gatherings.

Van der Valk is keen to deliver its (B2B) e-invoices in whatever way and format the customers wish to receive them. Van der Valk’s Hanneke Mulder: “InvoicePortal is hugely versatile, with all the channels it has available for delivering invoices to our national and international customers. It’s not just about sending invoices by e-mail, but also about delivering them into large networks, such as Tungsten (OB10).”

E-invoicing using Anachron’s InvoicePortal

As the first Van der Valk establishment has been connected up to InvoicePortal since April, all their business customers have been presented e-invoicing. To do so, a connection has been made to iTesso’s hVan der Valk starts with e-invoicing using Anachron InvoicePortalotel management system called Hotel Concepts IDPMS.

Using all the booking information as well as the financial details of the guests in Hotel Concepts IDPMS (used by all 32 hotels), all Business customers are presented their e-invoice in the InvoicePortal.

Dennis van Hilten, iTesso product manager: “Anachron has kept the integration work very simple, which means that we didn’t have a great deal to do in order to create the link. Being able to offer electronic invoicing was something that we’d had on our shopping list for years, and with Anachron we now have a solution that is suitable for all our customers both in the Netherlands and elsewhere.”


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